Sex Worker Study Results


We surveyed 200 sex workers in the states of Nevada, New York, and California

Here are the key takeaways. 

What percentage of sex workers have experienced assault?

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Breaking it down:

  • 54% experienced unwanted touching
  • 51% experienced someone continuing something after being told to stop
  • 46% experienced severe stalking
  • 44% experienced severe threats 
  • 39% experienced physical violence 
  • 34% experienced non-consented penetration without condom
  • 25% experienced rape
  • 23% never experienced assault 

Assault Frequency 

  • 14% have experienced assault 10 times (or more)
  • 39% of those who had been working 5+ years had experienced assault 5 or more times
  • 60% of those who had been working under 1 year experience 1 or more instances of assault 

Police + Sex Workers

  • 52% would NOT call the police if they experienced assault (sexual or violent)
  • 68% never reported an incident of assault (due to fear of being arrested or fear of the perpetrator) 

  Although over half of of respondents experienced some form of assault, only 10% had actually reported it to the police 

Screening Clients

When it comes to sex work, it’s important to screen clients for safety. We asked responders about the methods they use (or don’t use) to screen clients.  

  • 22% don’t screen clients at all 
  • 39% Google search their name 
  • 39% verify social media profiles (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.) 
  • 33% get government ID
  • 30% check references from other reputable sex workers
  • 10% check national blacklists 
  • 9% verify their place of employment