We’re a group of sex-positive individuals with one common goal – to provide sex education, the right way. 

Remember high school sex ed? Time to unlearn!

Most schools use fear tactics, acting as if everyone who has sex will get a sexually transmitted infection and get pregnant. Schools tell kids to have safe sex, but don’t give a how-to guide. If you’re lucky, some schools even tiptoe on the topic of consent!

On top of that, many parents don’t know where to start with sex education. Some give their boys condoms and tell their girls to wait until marriage (or just avoid the subject altogether).

We’re here to portray a different message.

Let’s face it, (almost) everyone has sex. It’s natural – it doesn’t have to be a taboo thing. We believe certain aspects of sex should be widely discussed topics to maximize pleasure (for all partners). 

Millions of sexually curious teens and young adults feel shamed for their natural curiosity, which carries into their adult lives and causes damage.

Things We Want to Help Society Unlearn

  • Young girls are taught to repress their natural sexual energy, while boys are taught to embrace it. 
  • Women are taught that their virginity is a sacred treasure. Men are taught to have sex as early as they can, as often as they can. 
  • Women are taught to please others, with no emphasis put on their own sexual satisfaction. 
  • Mainstream porn is focused on male pleasure and sets unrealistic standards.
  • Society is taught that women lack libido, while men can’t control their sex drive. 
  • Society teaches men to cheat, teaches women to be faithful and expect to be cheated on because men can’t control themselves. 
  • Society teaches men of power that they can have whoever they want, whenever they want. Nobody will go to the police, and if they do, nobody will believe them anyways. 
  • Society teaches that rape isn’t a big deal
  • Instead of teaching boys not to rape, we teach women to “protect” themselves in ridiculous ways (don’t wear revealing clothes, don’t get too drunk, don’t be too friendly). . . Yet, most rapes happen from people close to the victim.
  • Instead of using fear tactics when it comes to sex, the same fear tactics should be used when it comes to consent. Except, this can’t happen until rapists have something to fear.