23 Weird Sex Toys That Will Surprise You


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Last Updated: August 13, 2021

Before we get into this, we’re not here to shame any kinks or fetishes. We’re simply sharing a list of “weird” sex toys that are very unique and not found at a typical sex store. Who knows, maybe you’ll find your next favorite toy.

With that being said, let’s dive in.

Weird Sex Toys

Tentacle Dildo 

Dive into your deepest tentacle fantasies with this crystal glass dildo.

At a perfect 6.5 inches, this guy will hit all the right spots, whether you use it as an anal or vaginal toy.

Sqweel 2 Oral Sex Stimulator 

As weird as this toy looks, it gets the job done. It feels like several tongues licking your clit over and over again. You might just have to add one of these to your collection.

The Her Oral Pleasure toy gives a similar oral sex feel with a G-spot handle, although it’s more expensive.


Some might think it’s weird, we think it’s genius.

Now, you can clone your favorite dick and use it forever. There are plenty of shades and colors to choose from, plus it even vibrates!

They also have a Clone-a-Pussy, although it seems to be less successful.

Pink Diamond Magic Ball 

This weird sex toy takes yoga balls to a whole new level. It helps you get a great workout while masturbating, so it’s a win-win.

I mean honestly, who doesn’t want an orgasmic workout?

Unicorn Horn Dildo

Let’s be honest, we’ve all wanted to ride a unicorn at some point in our life.

Now, you can (but maybe not the way you imagined). This luscious suction cup unicorn horn dildo sits at 5 inches and comes in a few different colors.

Ghost Butt Plug

Put this in your BOOty! We can’t tell if this UV reactive ghost butt plug is cute or creepy.

Regardless, it’s a weird toy that will channel your Halloween spirit. Where’s a Santa version so we can start Christmas shopping?

Feet Stroker 

This stroker sleeve in the shape of a foot can help fulfill some wild foot fantasies, if that’s your thing. These look and feel real, plus the stroker is deliciously textured.

Feet Hand Dildo

If you thought the feet were weird, you’ll really be shocked by this waterproof foot fisting dildo.

Icecream Dildo

Who doesn’t love ice cream? Now you can love it even more.

This body safe silicone dildo is almost 6 inches long – it will have you screaming for ice cream.

Doll Hand Nipple Clamps

Alright, this is starting to get weird. These nipple clamps are made of doll hands.

You might feel a little awkward getting excited by these, but they do make a hilarious gift!

Wolf Anal Plug and Ears

Get ready to howl through the night with this wolf tail anal plug and ears set.

And hey, at least the tail makes it easy to pull out!

Geode Dildo

No, this isn’t a real geode. This silicone dildo replicates the look of an open geode pretty realistically, available in blue or purple.

It’s so realistic, the texture might be uncomfortable, so put a condom over it if you put it inside of you!

Donut Cock Ring

Weird or genius?

These creative 1 1/4″ donut cock rings will make you feel like you’re in a donut shop again. Which one will you choose?

Corn Vibrator   

Imagine pulling this little guy out during sex! This small, discreet corn bullet vibrator is so weird that maybe nobody will ever ask what it is when they see it in your bag.

They also sell an eggplant vibrator that’s a bit cuter.

Corn Dildo

Take your corn fetish to the next level with this 8-inch corn dildo.

This has a convenient suction cup and the corn texture gives an exciting new type of stimulation. Not sure if we would use it, but it would definitely make a funny gag gift!

Silicone Cactus Dildo

Who else can say they had a cactus inside of them?

This angry cactus comes in a variety of sizes and firmness levels. We’d rather spend the money on a high-end vibrator, but this might be your thing instead.

Glow in the Dark Butt Plug 

This butt plug is fun to play with in the dark.

Your playmate might be pleasantly surprised when you turn the lights off and this little plug is glowing inside of you. It’s pretty cool looking, you might even want to use it as a decor piece.

Tongue Dildo

This weird, realistic tongue dildo is nearly 8 inches long, with a curved head to hit your G-spot. It will definitely look interesting in your sex toy collection.

Wolf Finger Masturbator

This little finger fiddler sits on top of a finger to play with your clit (or your G-spot).

If you like this, check out more finger and other weird sex toys from that Etsy shop (like their pumpkin king dildo).

Trump Butt Plug 

Hate Trump? Put him in your ass!

This silicone butt plug will make you laugh every time you see it. If you know a Trump-lover, this makes a hilarious gift (although, they would probably end up loving it, so maybe not).

22.5 Inch Tentacle Dildo

This huge tentacle dildo is a little scary.

They have a huge amount of colors to choose from to fit the profile of your favorite squid monster. They also sell a thicker, 7-inch version if you really want to be stretched out.

Snake 43-inch Colon Dildo

Now, before you think this is a joke, it’s not.

There are people who spend ages working to get incredibly long dildos like this (silicone only) up their ass and into their colon. Some can take the entire 40+ inches!

Expanding Butt Plug with Electric Shock

This vibrating, expanding, electrical butt plug might be a bit too much for you.

Make sure to get a water-based lube to use with this bad boy.