14 Best Glass Dildos to Add to Your Collection


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Last Updated: August 9, 2021

Glass dildos are some of the best sex toys around. For starters, this type of dildo is perfect for germaphobes. Glass is one of the few sex toy materials that is non-porous, meaning there are no hidden holes or crevices for juices to soak into and sit. Even if you don’t clean it right after playing (although you should), you can still get all the grime off with a good cleaning.

On top of that, they’re perfect for temperature play!

When it comes to the best glass dildos, there aren’t too many fancy features and qualities to consider. Glass is glass! The only things you need to consider are price, how it looks, length, girth, texture, and shape. Some do have extra features (like an attached anal dildo). Some are even made with vibrating pieces.

That said, let’s dive into the best glass dildos you can get!

Tentacle Glass Dildo

It may look a bit unusual, but this octopus tentacle beaded massager delivers in all the ways it should.

Made with high-quality Pyrex glass and shipped in a secret package, this is a unique-looking toy that also has some unique powers. It’s also pretty affordable at right around $10.

Pink Heart

Why not use a glass dildo that hits all the right spots while also looking adorable?

This novelty pink heart toy is made from hand blown glass with a truly special and unique design, it is sure to make you feel loving in more ways than one. 

Gold Lace

$15 (sale)

This gold laced G-spot dildo looks as special as it is.

The toy features a thick, slightly curved shaft that will hit your special spots perfectly. The flared base makes it easy to stand up in storage. Topping it all off is a golden ripped design that makes it look like the classiest toy you own!

Red Designed Glass Dildo

$10 (sale)

The bumpy spiral double dong is a humorously named glass G-spot dildo with an interesting design that will hit the spot.

Created with texturized material and a curved shaft, this toy will deliver joy and pleasure that is out of this world.


Green Beaded Dildo

This green beaded 7-inch glass dildo is gorgeous and hard-working. It looks pretty cool, but it feels even better.

Delivered in discreet packaging and deftly designed to provide deep and powerful orgasm, this toy will make others green with envy. It even comes with a storage pouch! 

Blue Curved

The blue wave G-Spot glass dildo is 7.5 inches of thick, strong and smooth power.

Made of superior glass and crafted with the right amount of length and girth, you will come back to this one again and again.

Blue G-Spot Glass Dildo

$10.49 (sale)

This glass G-spot dildo is curved and double-ended and amazing.

Made from borosilicate glass and crafted for intense and full pressure — and pleasure — this is 7 inches of fun.

Double Glass Dildo

$16.50 (sale)

Double the fun with this glass dildo.

This toy provides double stimulation with two thick and reliable shafts. Plus, the base encourages and allows for strap-on play. Double the fun indeed!

Candy Cane Dildo

$17.49 (sale)

‘Tis the season! Not only is this glass dildo shaped like a festive candy cane, the curved end actually provides a great grip. It features a perfect 6″ of insertable length.

It’s the perfect addition to your collection that you’ll be excited to pull out every holiday season (it also makes a fun gift).

Red Wand Glass Dildo

$10.50 (sale)

This wand glass dildo is lovable for many reasons, including its design.

Featuring a double-ended design and thick girth, this toy is made for comfort and pleasure. It is both original and traditional and will become one of the most reliable toys in your collection.

Nubby Glass Dildo


The unique nubby glass dildo has a name that makes it seem cute, but don’t that fool you, this toy will make you close your eyes and curl your toes.

Its texture and design will take you over the edge. Cute name, big pleasure!

Green G-Spot Wand

This green g-spot wand looks simple. And it is.

But the silky smooth toy isn’t simple when it comes to pleasure. The crystal dildo will stimulate and please and lead to multiple interior explosions.

Glow in the Dark Glass Dildo

Turn out the lights and have some fun.

This firefly glass 4-inch dildo isn’t only thick and sturdy, it also glows in the dark. Getting under the covers has never been such a blast!

Golden Dragon Vibrating Glass Dildo

This truly unique golden dragon glass vibrator looks unlike anything else you’ve seen — because it is. You rarely see a glass dildo that is also a vibrator!

Unique and beautiful, this single-speed bullet toy is made with a sensational curve. This is a toy that lives up to its larger-than-life name. You won’t forget your time riding this dragon.

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