19 Best Fleshlight Alternatives in 2022


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Last Updated: March 10, 2022

Although it may seem like Fleshlight is the only reliable brand when it comes to masturbation sleeves for men, there are actually quite a few impressive Fleshlight alternatives!

Whether you want something more affordable or something that will do all of the work for you (yes, we mean all of the work), we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to discover nearly 20 fantastic alternatives that are better than a Fleshlight sleeve!

Best Fleshlight Alternatives

Doc Johnson Jessie Andrews

When you want a fleshlight that feels a lot like the real thing, you want the Doc Johnson Jessie Andrews.

This ultra-soft male masturbator is made to feel just like porn star Jessie Andrews and you will get lost in the delicious and deep feelings that this toy provides. At half the price of a typical Fleshlight, this is one steal of a deal.

RealDoll Vaginal Stimulator

Compatible with the AutoBlow 2 or able to be used on its own, this vaginal stimulator is a high-quality sleeve that you can always rely on.

When you close your eyes, you will think this is the real thing. In fact, you will close your eyes often because it will knock your socks off that much. Made from skin-soft silicone, this toy is going to leave an impression on you. 

TENGA Egg Lovers Heart

The TENGA Egg is a super stretchy male masturbator that is actually kind of cute. It has heart designs all over the sleeve, making it a funny Valentine’s Day gift.

Don’t let the price fool you, these sleeves are expertly made with mind-blowing texture!

Tracey Cox Edge Cup

This cup will keep you going for a long time. It is a stamina-assisting stroker that is perfect for a night by yourself.

But it’s tight and the ribbed inner section will make it hard to last long. Luckily, this toy will train you to keep your stamina up so when you are enjoying the real thing it isn’t over in the blink of an eye. 

Tenga Deep Throat Onacup

When it comes to Fleshlight alternatives, the Tenga does not disappoint. This male masturbator is incredibly stimulating, plus it’s affordable too.

It creates an authentic deep throat experience that will make your eyes roll back and your toes curl. 

THRUST Pro Ultra Zoey Cup

The THRUST Pro Ultra Zoey Cup is a realistic male masturbator shaped just like a real vagina with an inviting texture and feel that is going to mimic the real thing.

It is a 6-inch masterpiece that will get the job done and features soft ribs and bumps for intense stimulation. 

Doc Johnson Mood Exciter

The Doc Johnson mood exciter is a double-ended male toy that will provide amazing stimulation and remarkable foreplay with a partner.

It is lined with soft ribbing and nodules for authentic stimulation and creates a texture on your member that you won’t soon forget. 

Sue Johanson Super Head Honcho

This toy is a soft, textured male masturbator that sucks and tickles you in all the ways a loving partner would.

Plus, it’s waterproof so you can take this toy into the bath with you. 

Doc Johnson Super Sucker

This super sucker is a ribbed male masturbator toy that is created with lifelike ULTRASKYN technology that will make you think you are enjoying the real thing.

It is 100% waterproof and will quickly become your new favorite toy. 

Topco Vulcan Shower Stroker

The Topco Vulcan Shower Stroker is an easy-to-clean lifelike toy that is open-ended for fast and easy cleaning.

It is tight and textured and simple to use, even in the shower. You will use this, again and again. 

THRUST Full Force Realistic Vagina Kit

This kit comes with 3 speeds and 3 strokers and will create a strong sensation that you will not soon forget.

This waterproof kit isn’t just a toy, it is actually three toys. And that means three times the pleasure. 

THRUST Pro Elite Sophia

The THRUST Pro Elite Sophia is a super realistic and powerful toy that allows you two holes to choose from.

That means you have multiple options and multiple ways to enjoy life-like and incredible pleasure. 

THRUST Pro Elite Alicia

When it comes to fleshlight alternatives, this toy gives you everything you could want and more!

This 16.5 pound doll is built just like a real person. In fact, making love to this toy will be like making love to the real thing (minus the head, arms, and legs). With multiple holes, the THRUST Pro Elite Alicia is a companion for your bed.


Blowmotion Male Masturbator

The Blowmotion masturbator comes with 6 vibration patterns and 3 intensities too.

It is only 3 inches in length, but that is more than enough to give you authentic and intense pleasure just like the real thing!

Hot Octopuss Vibrating Sleeve

This vibrating silicone sleeve comes with 5 pre-set vibration modes and can be used in solo play or with a partner.

Great for both solo and partner play, the pleasure never has to stop with this sleeve!

Bad Dragon Male Masturbators

Alright, if you’re looking for something a little (or a lot) more unique than the Fleshlight, turn to Bad Dragon.

Created with handmade care and high-quality materials, these toys are unlike anything else in your bedside table. Head into a fantasy world!

TENGA Male Masturbator

This male masturbator has a strong vacuum build that creates soft pressure and pull.

This discreet toy comes with intense texture and a life-like feel that will make the eyes roll back in your head!

Satisfyer Vibrating Masturbator

This Satisfyer vibrating masturbator comes with 14 vibration programs and an insertion length of 2.75 inches.

Plus, it comes with 8 rhythms. You are sure to find something you will love with this piece of pocket pleasure. 

Fun Factory Cobra Male Vibrator

This toy is a super-quiet and super fun toy that is rechargeable and totally waterproof too.

This powerful device needs to only be turned on to turn you on!