6 Best Sex Blankets (Waterproof + Comfortable)


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Last Updated: August 5, 2021

Owning a sex blanket has a ton of benefits. They’re comfortable, fit your bed perfectly, and ensure no bodily fluids seep into your sheets or your expensive foam mattress (fluids will start to disintegrate it).

You can always put down a towel, but this doesn’t guarantee that moisture won’t get through. Plus, sex blankets are a lot more comfortable to have sex on compared to a towel, and they are designed to perfectly fit your bed.

And this way, nobody can complain about the sheets getting wet!

If one partner is a squirter, sex blankets are especially helpful. As fun as squirting may be, the aftermath of soaked sheets and blankets is definitely not fun to sleep in.

Plus, if you’re on your period, you don’t have to worry about stained sheets when having fun on one of these leak-proof blankets.

Best Sex Blankets

Liberator Fascinator Throw

This soft, plush moisture-proof blanket will soak up any sort of fluid you can imagine. Made with premium materials and able to be folded up discreetly, this will be a new favorite item for when your night is about to get a bit wet and wild.

This is one of the few sex blankets that’s actually made by a top sex brand, so you know it’s going to be effective. Plus, it’s red – perfect for period sex (they have other colors too).

Blue Zoca 100% Waterproof Blanket

This blanket is not only waterproof, but it’s a comfortable and decorative bedroom item!

There are nights when things get a bit crazy and this blanket is absolutely perfect for them. It’s also very easy to clean and available in 2 different sizes as well as 3 different colors to match your decor.

LovingBlanket Leak-Proof Blanket

This leak-proof blanket is a wonderful bedroom addition for any couple that plans for an intense night together. It’s obviously advertised towards pet parents, which is great because it’s designed to soak up large amounts of fluid without leaking.

Created with the best fibers and materials, this blanket has the ultimate leak-proof protection and can take anything you throw at it.

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Waterproof Blanket Cover

This sex blanket will keep any surface dry, no matter how wet the night gets.

It is reversible and created with intricate microfleece layers. Most importantly, it is really comfortable! This large size fits any size bed (even king beds), plus they have a money-back guarantee.

Easy-Going Waterproof Bed Cover

Created with 100% polyester, this top-rated comforter is comfortable and totally waterproof.

You can rest assured that whatever activities you get into, this blanket will keep your bed warm and dry through it all. It’s available in a wide variety of sizes and colors so you can find the perfect match!

Sex and Sensuality Waterproof Sheets

Intense, intimate sex doesn’t have to be messy.

These Sex and Sensuality waterproof sheets promise to keep any bed nice and dry, no matter what you and your partner(s) get into. This one is definitely more affordable than most previous options, but sadly not as comfortable. However, it is waterproof and gets the job done!