Beach Sex 101: Best Positions + How to Have Sex on the Beach


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Last Updated: May 6, 2021

When we talk about sexual bucket lists, most people have ‘sex on the beach’ as a top item. But if you’ve ever attempted beach sex, one of the top things you likely figured out was sand gets in places you just don’t want to talk about.

beach sex positions and tips

The allure is understandable. But, the reality is you have to contend with sand in naughty places and the waves can quickly begin to feel more treacherous than lapping. Not to mention, saltwater isn’t optimal for female lubrication and can potentially cause bacterial infections.

But, that doesn’t mean all beach sex is unpleasant or unsafe—there are plenty of great ways to get frisky.

Keep in mind that public sex is illegal pretty much everywhere, so only act on our ideas below with caution (or if you’re lucky enough to be on a private beach). Even many nudist beaches can be a no-no for sex (although they might be safer and it would be easier to explain why you’re naked). 

Where to Have Sex On a Beach

When picking a beach, do your local research. Reddit might have some answers as to where to have beach sex near your area. 

If you can’t find any information, search through images of nearby beaches – look for large rocks and other places that are hidden. Also, make sure to choose a beach that isn’t very busy (perhaps even one that requires a hike or ferry to reach). 

As for picking the particular area on the beach, you want to find a remote area. Behind large rock clusters is a great choice, but also make sure you’ll be able to see if anybody is coming. If your beach has caves, even better! 

Scope out your local nude beaches if you’re comfortable. After visiting, you might be able to tell if people will care if you have sex (you might even stumble upon scenarios yourself). Some nude beaches are notorious for beach sex. However, some disapprove, it all depends on the crowd. You should still stick to remote areas at nude beaches and be as subtle as possible, but it’s less likely you’ll face severe consequences if someone catches you. It’s a nude beach, after all.  

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Beach Sex Tips

  • Wear a long dress to help keep sand out and cover your privates from any people walking by (we don’t recommend getting fully undressed) 
  • Wear a bikini, definitely not a one-piece
  • Bring a foldable chair or large towel to better avoid getting sand in the vagina (although it might still happen)
  • Bring lube – salt water can be drying
  • Avoid beach sex when it’s extra windy
  • Have beach sex at night to make it less likely for people to see, plus it’s extra romantic 
  • Go pee afterwards (you should always do this, but especially after being around the salt water and sand)
  • Don’t freak out if someone is walking by – act casual, like you’re just cuddling or making out. 

Wondering how to have sex on the beach? Give these positions a try.

7 Best Beach Sex Positions

Doggy Style

Good ol’ doggy style is great because you want to keep your genitals as far away from the sand as possible. Make sure to place a blanket underneath! 

The Inconspicuous 

If you’re worried about being caught, this is one of the safest positions. 

Spread out your blanket or towel, have your partner sit down and scoot yourself back into his lap. You can keep your suit on, just pull it to the side. If done carefully, no one will know you’re having sex; you’re just a cute couple sitting with one another on the beach. 

Using an extra large beach towel or blanket helps keep sand out of crevices and give you a bit more comfort. 

Ocean Cowgirl

Not the most subtle position, but a girl on top position is easily the best for keeping sand out of your downtown regions! It keeps the sand out of your business and is empowering – we’d recommend saving this position for nighttime!

Or, try this in your tent if you’re camping on the beach. Even during the daylight hours, you can sneak away to your love nest and enjoy each other’s company. As long as you keep things quiet, no one will know what you’re really doing!

Bae Watch

This position is perfect when you want to cozy up and “watch the sunset” together—either in a beach chair or sitting on the edge of an empty lifeguard tower. The best part? With the help of a covering blanket, it will look like you’re just sweetly sitting on your boo’s lap, enjoying the gorgeous view—rather than having a mind-blowing orgasm.

Have your partner sit down, then back up onto him, sitting between his legs. Drape a towel or blanket over the two of you for ultimate privacy.

Bonus: Ask him to sneak his hand inside the blanket for a little clitoris-stimulation. Just be sure you can keep quiet, so you’re not busted!

Spooning by the Shore

Spooning is the sweetest, especially when you add in some naughty fun! For this position, curl up together, facing the same way, toss a blanket over top of your lower half and have fun.

It’s great for access to all your naughty bits and easily mistaken for cuddling – nobody will know you’re actually having sex at the beach. 

This position keeps you both from sinking into the soft sand and able to enjoy what the beach has to offer, besides the sea that is!

The Shell

This spoon position variant is another great option for sex on the beach. You and your partner get to face each other, which makes it a bit more romantic (not to mention it will be easier to see anyone who might be coming).

To perform this position, both partners will lie on their sides and face each other. Cover up with a towel. Spread your legs slightly to allow your partner to slip past your swim suit bottoms, and enter you. Then close your legs so the part of his shaft that’s outside of you can press against your clit.

Delicious and discreet.

The Cave Explorers

If you’re lucky enough to attend a beach with caves and coves, these are a fun place to explore (if you know what we mean)

Just find a secluded spot in the cave, pull your bottoms aside, and start exploring!

Bend slightly at the waist while resting your hands against your shins or the wall of the cave. Have your partner enter from behind, holding onto your hips for support.

Note: To be a true explorer, make sure to incorporate some clit action.

Foreplay Fun

Though you’re probably better served avoiding sex in the ocean, there’s nothing wrong with engaging in a little foreplay in the waves.

Since the ocean provides plenty of protection from prying eyes, go for a swim and feel free to get wild. Be handsy, explore your partner, wrap your legs around his waist and grind. Whatever happens from there is on you.

In The End

If you’re too uncomfortable with the potential of being caught, consider renting an Airbnb with a private beach. This can be a romantic getaway and (sometimes) isn’t too expensive. Overall, sex on the beach can be a lot of fun when there’s a little pre-planning involved.

Enjoying one another under the cover of the night has the benefit of concealing what you’re doing, along with being more romantic. Enjoy the starry sky while enjoying each other! Take full advantage of the steamy beach sex – this isn’t something you’ll be doing on a daily basis!