Car Sex 101: Best Positions + How to Have Sex in a Car


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Last Updated: April 17, 2021

Having sex in a car may seem like something we left behind in our teenage years, but it doesn’t have to be. Regardless of your age, car sex can still be fun and adventurous. For some, there’s an exhibitionist aspect to it that can’t be beaten.

car sex positions

Steamy windows, the smell of sex, all carry with you on the ride home. It gives you a lovely reminder of what fun you just had and possibly, what fun there is to come!

It’s difficult to have a long session in a car, but that’s not a bad thing. Those urgent vibes make for hot sex and great bonding after the deed is done.

Here’s some excellent car sex tips and ideas for your next session (or your first)!

Where to Have Car Sex?

Almost empty parking lots are a great spot for steamy sex in the car. You’re obviously still in public, but in the right spot, you’re still discreet enough to (hopefully) not get caught! You can also try the parking area during a concert while the show is ongoing. Most people will be in the show, not the parking lot, so you’re safe-ish. 

Although you can drive somewhere more isolated, you don’t want to be completely alone in an unknown area in case something goes wrong (or you’re with someone you barely know). On that note, don’t try having sex in a moving car either. Be safe! 

Since having sex in public is illegal (yes, even in your car), you’ll want to be extra careful about your location choice. Don’t go anywhere suspicious where cops might be able to easily spot you, like a park at night or a completely empty parking lot. Some police will let you go, but it’s best to be safe. 

Wear a car sex outfit

Coming prepared in a dress or skirt (hey, you can even avoid panties ahead of time!) will make sex in the car a lot easier. And if the worst happens and someone catches you, it’s easier to cover yourself. If you insist on wearing panties, wear some that are stretchy and easy to pull to the side. 

This goes for guys as well – the best thing to wear is some sweatpants with a fly that lets you easily pull your member through. You don’t want to be caught with your pants completely off.  

Come prepared (with lube + toys) 

Since sex in the car is usually a quickie, make sure to have some lube ready to go for maximum pleasure. You can even try bringing a discreet vibrator to help orgasm quickly. 


When you’re trying anything new, sexually, you should sit down with your partner and discuss what each of your expectations are. You don’t want to be excited about the prospect of amazing car sex, only to have your partner ask you to put on your seat belt and return to your proper place in the vehicle. 


Talking beforehand and letting your partner know this is something you’re intrigued by and want to try saves you both from embarrassment – plus, the suspense of knowing you’re going to have kinky car sex can get you worked up. 

If you’re not so worried about rejection, you can try to spring a sexy surprise on your partner – they might love it! 

Use the sunroof

If you’re lucky enough to have a sun roof in your car, this can help in a couple of ways. You can use it to allow air into the car for when things get sweaty and it gives you a bit more headroom for seated positions.

Just be sure to keep your voices at an inside level, even though technically you’re outside.

Experiment with different spots

Try the front seat, sure, but don’t leave out sex in the backseat. You can get a little more room in the back while still maintaining closeness. Use what you have. With such tight quarters, you’ll learn the art of leverage (especially when it comes to sex in a small car).

And if you have a truck, even better. The bed of a truck is one of the best places to have car sex and remain as comfortable as possible. With a bit of planning, bringing an air mattress or lots of blankets makes sex in a truck even better.

Move outside

If you want to up the level of kink and there’s truly nobody around, try moving outside and onto the hood. Sex on top of a car will give you that exhibitionist thrill – just make sure nobody can see you. Get a blanket to throw on top of you so that, if anyone drives by, they will think you’re just making out. 

You can also try doggy style in the backseat with the door open (this is a more comfortable position for tall guys that struggle with sex inside cars).  

9 Best Car Sex Positions

Doggy Style

Doggy style is perfect for the backseat since you typically can’t extend your legs in a car. Plus, you will get deep penetration and you both can easily reach your clit. The only downside? It’s pretty obvious to see what’s going on if anyone peeks inside the window.

How to: Climb back into the backseat and get on all fours. Have your partner kneel behind you and enter, draping his upper body over yours.

Bent Knees

In this position, you lie down (with bent legs due to lack of space) and he sits on top.

How to: Get in the back seat and lie down on your back. Bend your knees and have your partner straddle you. He inserts his penis in the small opening created from your partially closed legs, which increases the penetration intensity.


The Cowgirl is a go-to position when it comes to car sex. It’s easy to hop on and hop off your partner in case someone walks by, plus you get great clitoral stimulation. Not to mention, you’re able to push your body against his to go as deep as you like.

How to: Have your partner sit in the passenger or driver seat (or backseat), then climb on top of them, straddling them. You can recline back as much as desired.

Reverse Cowgirl

This position is like Cowgirl, but reversed so your butt and back faces your partner. They will get the best views, while you get to face the parking lot. This is another of the best car sex positions if you like G-spot stimulation. Plus, you can control the depth and pace of the thrusts by leaning on the glove compartment.

How to: Have your partner sit in the passenger or driver seat (or backseat, if you want), and straddle him with your back facing him. Brace yourself on the glove compartment or window while you grind.


If you need to take up less space, this is one way to do it! It’s one of the top positions for sex in a small car. Plus, you can have him rub up against your clit or go lower to hit your G-spot. Make sure he’s careful – you can hit the cervix easily in this position.

How to: Lie down on your back (in the backseat) with your legs raised up and ankles as close to your head as you can manage. He will enter you from a missionary position.

Tantric Car

If you like slower and more tantric sex, this is for you. It involves slow rocking rather than hard pounding, which can be a wonderful thing!

How to: Have your partner sit with their legs crossed, then sit in their lap and face them. Wrap your legs around, then you can hug each other to add support.

Both Laying Down

This position is great for backseat sex – your bodies are intertwined and legs are bent. And, lying down means you can’t bang your head on the car ceiling. Thank god!

How to: Lie down in the backseat and turn onto your sides, facing each other. Scoot towards one another until he is able to enter you, using your arms and other helpful parts of the car for support.


This is a great position for amping up the kink and making things more hardcore. It creates intense penetration and allows you and your partner to get a good look at each other (which is rare for car sex positions).

How to: Both partners should sit in the backseat with their legs facing towards each other, and arms back for support. Then, move together, onto his penis. Your knees will be bent, hips will be in the middle of his spread legs, and your feet outside of your partner’s hips and flat on the seat. Once you’re in position, rock back and forth.