16 Best Sex Card Games to Spice Up the Bedroom


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Last Updated: April 17, 2021

What better way to add some spice to the bedroom than sex card games? From games that involve a little skill to straight up dirty card games, keep reading to find a fun sex card game to play with your partner(s).

Best Sex Card Games

dare duel sex card games

Dare Duel

Dare Duel is a very adult, very fun card game that will spice up any night.

Players take turns drawing cards and creating romantic, risque dares for their partners to play out. You can see how this may get very steamy — and fun.

After Dinner Amusements

After Dinner Amusements is a truth or dare card game for adults that will lead to many stimulating moments.

This game is full of 50 truths and 50 dares that will get everyone telling their deepest, dirtiest secrets.

Go Fck Sex Card Game

This sex card game is a bit like Crazy 8s, a bit like Go Fish! and a bit like Snap!

But of course this version is much, much naughtier. Make sure you stretch and get limber before you bust out this game. 

Massage Seductions Game

The Massage Seductions card game will teach you 24 new ways to please your partner.

It comes with a collection of instruction cards, a massage candle that melts into massage lotion, an applicator spoon, and more goodies. Set aside time to truly relax with your partner and play this relaxing, seductive game.

strip bedroom sex card games

Strip Bedroom Blackjack

Strip Bedroom Blackjack is the perfect card game for some serious, naughty bedroom fun.

The game included 52 activity cards, 8 wild cards and instructions to make the night memorable. You can also use this sex card game to play Strip Poker, Rummy, or Fish.

Sexopoly Card Game

If you’ve mastered Monopoly, why not try your hand at Sexopoly?

When it comes to sex card games, this is one of the few that’s both competitive and sexy. It’s like regular Monopoly, except you’ll be in charge of sex shops, sexy costume stores, lingerie boutiques, adult dating websites, strip clubs, adult film companies, and more! There are also frisky action cards to make the game a little more wild.

Fade to Black Sex Game

Fade to Black is a card game that will make you and your partner weak in the knees.

This sex card game is filled with a pack of cards that contains dozens of suggestive activities and dares that will make you blush. Turn off your phone, lock the door, grab your lover, and bust out your deck of Fade to Black for a night to remember.

Cosmo’s 365 Naughty Nights

There is nothing quite as fun as a naughty night after a long day.

This card game provides you with multiple sexual positions, fantasies, and erotic activities to keep you and partner, er, coming back for more. These are more of action cards rather than a game, but it’s still a great way to spice things up!

Sex IQ Trivia

Are you a sex master, or do you just think you are?

This Sex IQ card game is full of trivia that will prove just how in-the-know and knowledgable your friends are. What is your sex IQ? Plus, it will probably teach you something new!

Let’s Fck Dice & Card Game

This game’s title gets straight to the point.

This card game is packed full of wild, naughty actions for each player to enjoy. Roll the dice and see which raunchy reward you are going to get!

poker for lovers sex card game

Poker for Lovers

Poker for Lovers is a lot like regular poker, but this version also has 62 chips with “for her” and “for him” acts that will make any game much, much more memorable. Not a bad way to gamble!

It will be hard to keep your poker face straight when playing this game.

1,000 Sex Games

1,000 Sex Games is a card game that comes with dozens or raunchy, adult activities that will brighten up any night together.

From sexy dares to insanely hot positions, this card game will prove hard to put down.

Creative Kisses Card Game

How many ways do you kiss your lover?

With this Creative Kisses card game, you will unlock new ways to lock lips. The game comes with 101 cards that each contain a different way to smooch. Some are innocent, some definitely are not. Which one will you draw?

Choose Your Pleasure Card Game

This raunchy couples card game includes 2 decks of sexy activities and scenarios to play out.

Each card has two options to choose from, so you can opt for your favorite (or combine both). There are 26 cards in each deck, offering 52 seductive scenarios to choose from each.

Let’s Get Naked Sex Card Game

Let’s Get Naked! It’s as simple as that.

This adult card game is a risque and raunchy way to spend a night in with your loved one (or more than one). Made for 2–5 players, it’s like the card game War but, you know, naked.

All Night Love Affair

This sexual card game contains 96 cards that will provide long nights of pleasure and fun.

Simply roll the dice, pick a card, and do what it says. This game will ensure your night contains plenty of foreplay and trying fun new things. See where the night leads with this raunchy game.