Prostate Orgasm: Your Ultimate Guide


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Last Updated: April 17, 2021

Although the term prostate milking doesn’t have the sexiest sound, a prostate orgasm is one of the hottest and most intense pleasures that can happen for a guy (when done properly, of course).

We all know about penis orgasms, which most men experience any time sexual activity is involved. But, diving into the world of prostate play is an entirely new experience – one that should be taken slow.

What is the Prostate?

How to have a prostate orgasm

The prostate is a gland that sits inside the anus, just below the bladder. It’s located about 2–4 inches deep – you can typically reach it with a forefinger or middle finger.

There are also P-spot sex toys specially made to reach the prostate, featuring the perfect curve, angle, and length for the job.

Medically speaking, the prostate produces a fluid that mixes with sperm to create semen. This is the pre-stage of ejaculation – prostate stimulation speeds things up and makes the orgasm more pleasurable.

While women can definitely experience anal pleasure, only males have the ability to have a prostate orgasm (women don’t have a prostate). 

Is It Healthy to Massage the Prostate?

Absolutely! Not only does it feel amazing, but massaging the prostate is a proven method for improving overall sexual health and function. It can help prevent and treat many sexual health issues.  

For example, your urethra runs through the center of your prostate gland. If your prostate is swollen for any reason, it can block the free flow of urine and cause an overactive bladder. Regularly experiencing orgasm (especially orgasm from stimulating the prostate) helps keep this build up from happening.

Prostate massage benefits

Prostate Massage Benefits

  • Can help stop premature ejaculation
  • Treats many forms of erectile dysfunction 
  • Improves erection strength and size
  • Can reduce fluid blockages and improve urine flow
  • Can help alleviate painful ejaculation
  • Can help (or even treat) prostatitis
  • Experience incredibly strong orgasms

Experiencing a stronger orgasm is reason enough to try it, all these benefits are just a bonus! What does a prostate orgasm feel like? Some men call this the “Super O”, stating it feels up to 400 times more intense than a regular orgasm. 

The best thing about having this type of orgasm? An erection isn’t required. If you’re experiencing sexual dysfunction due to medical or other issues, massaging the prostate will still bring you to orgasm (one that’s even better than the typical). How cool is that? 

Prostate orgasm prep

How to Massage Your Prostate

Ready to get started? 

Our first tip is to relax. No matter your sexual orientation, prostate massage is something any man can enjoy. As with anything anal play related, being relaxed makes all the difference. 

Step 1 – Prepare

  • Wash the entire area with warm, soapy water. If you feel the urge, use a finger to get in there a bit. Rinse well. If this doesn’t feel like enough, there are plenty of products on the market to aid you, such as an anal douche system or enema kit. 
  • Invest in a good quality, silicone lube as these are absorbed more slowly by the body (unless you’re using a silicone toy, then use a water-based lube)
  • Set aside 30+ minutes for playtime
  • Consider prostate massage tools, they can be easier for beginners and speed up the process
  • If using a toy, covering it with a condom makes for easier cleanup (since you should always wash toys in-between uses)
  • If using a finger, make sure your nails and short and filed to avoid any tearing or scratching

Finding Your Prostate

Prostate orgasm

Whether you’re playing solo or with a helping partner, you’ll want to get comfortable. There are a few prostate massage positions, but many feel it’s easiest to lay on your side with one leg to your chest or on your back with your legs up. You can also try lying face down or on your knees.

Start by slowly inserting a finger (or massager) gently inside your anus. An inch or so at first is good, you don’t want to push too far at the beginning. Give your body time to adjust.

Once you feel comfortable, slowly slide about two inches further inside. As tempting as it may be, try not to masturbate at this point – you’ll lose focus on your prostate!

Go a little deeper, until you feel a rough lump about three inches inside, and go up a little towards the base of your penis. It’s approximately the size and shape of a walnut.

If you’re using a massager, you’ll see it’s shaped perfectly for this!

Congratulations, you’ve found your prostate.

Prostate Massage

How to Give Yourself a Prostate Orgasm

Once you’ve hit the prostate, do not be tempted to put a lot of pressure on it (whether you’re using a finger or a massager). Rub the area with the same intensity as you would your eyelid. When you press on the gland, you will probably feel like you need to urinate. This is a totally normal and healthy response. 

You’ll want to massage it with a ‘come hither’ motion, similar to how you massage a woman’s G-spot. Although this is the most common of prostate massage techniques, some prefer pressing it like a doorbell or use a circling motion. Continue with your preferred motion until you feel the urge to ejaculate.

At this point, you have two options. For one, you can finish yourself off the good old fashioned way. You’ll more than likely be hard as a rock, and finishing the job will give you intense pleasure and more ejaculate than you’ve probably ever had.

Or, you can keep massaging your prostate and wait for the Super O. 

The feeling will continue to intensify and it’s probably you’ll go flaccid. When you experience a prostate orgasm, you won’t cum the way you’re used to, but you will shoot pre-cum and experience energy waves and blissfulness across your entire body.

Many men report that this prostate pleasure involves the entire body instead of just the groin. The feeling lasts much longer than an ordinary orgasm and feels similar to the beginning waves of a typical climax.

Prostate Orgasm

Final FAQ

Can I have a prostate orgasm without anal play?

Yes, but the experience won’t be as intense. If the thought of inserting something into your anus is keeping you from trying, you can still experience some of the excitement by massaging the perineum (the area between the anus and the scrotum).

To get started, place a couple of fingertips or a vibrator on the perineum, and rub in a circular motion or stroke through the skin. Start out lightly and then explore what kind of touching or rubbing feels best. You could try this with a lube too.

If you want to massage your perineum while you’re hard, try placing your fingers on one side of the shaft under your balls. Look for a lump that you may have always thought was part of your cock, but if you rub it in the way we’ve described, you’ll start to feel a deep and powerful sensation that’s very different from regular cock play—and, if you’ve experienced erectile dysfunction (ED), it could give you the sensory boost you need.

Does prostate massage help erectile dysfunction?

Yes, in many cases. Stimulating the prostate gland improves blood flow to the pelvic region and can strengthen pelvic floor muscles. This has been shown to help ED and premature ejaculation.

Even for guys without ED, prostate massaging may result in stronger and more powerful erections. In combination with erection-enhancing cock rings, many men are finding sexual rejuvenation in their relationships.

Perhaps that’s why, for many centuries prostate massaging was the primary treatment for ED and why it is still used today by some guys in combination with other therapies. If you decide to combine prostate play with masturbation or other cock play, then you add an extra level of stimulation which may well help with ED.

How often should you massage your prostate?

After experiencing a prostate orgasm, you’ll probably want to do it ten times a day. However, there are a few risks to be aware of. These include causing damage to your rectal lining, causing internal bleeding and the potential for hemorrhoids (or piles) to flare up. However, as long as you are careful and gentle—and don’t do it every day—these risks will be kept to a minimum.

How often you engage in milking the prostate is up to you and your body, but a good rule of thumb is less often than you’re having sexual intercourse. You don’t want to risk injury to your prostate and you need to give it time to recover.


Just like many other sexual activities, prostate milking isn’t going to be for everyone, and that’s okay. But if you’re ready to try, it can open your body and mind to a whole new world of experiences and give you pleasure like nothing else.

Adding this to your sexual repertoire can be a great way to expand your horizons. Instead of being limited to receiving sexual pleasure from just one area (the penis), you can feel it in your entire body. After learning all this, who would say no to a prostate orgasm?