How to Make Your Vagina Taste Good (and Smell Good)


While there are no valid scientific studies on how to make your vagina taste good, it certainly doesn’t stop people from speculating.

The rumors are legion: Does garlic make it taste strange? What about asparagus, probably the most well-known pee odor-changer out there? And does pineapple really sweeten the pot?

As long as you’re healthy, your vagina should smell and taste perfectly fine. It’s not supposed to smell like roses or taste like candy.

The only time for concern is when it smells “fishy” or otherwise unpleasant, because that can hint at bacterial vaginosis, trichomoniasis, or some other health issue. (See your gynecologist if that happens.) 

Women should smell like women—maybe a little salty, maybe a little sweet, but always with our own unique, indescribable aroma. Yet many women fixate on the look, feel, and smell of their private parts.

Overall Tips for Making Your Pussy Taste Better

  • Wear breathable underwear (such as cotton)
  • Use laundry soap that doesn’t contain dyes or fragrances
  • Shower daily – use a gentle washcloth or your fingers to scrub away dirt and grime down there (simply use water or an unscented soap))
  • Eat a healthy, balanced diet
  • Try eating some foods that people say make their vagina taste better (i.e. pineapple, cucumber, and other naturally sweet fruits or veggies)
  • Use non-porous sex toys (these can harbor bacteria, even after cleaning them)

How Should a Vagina Taste?

Vaginas (or vulvas) taste the way they taste because of a combination of factors — your body’s natural sweaty smells + the smell of whatever detergent you use on your underwear + the smell of any soaps you use + the smell of your vagina’s juices.

So, the obvious first step to having a fragrant, delicious pubic region would be to thoroughly wash and wear clean laundry that you wash in soap that doesn’t contain dyes or fragrances that will clash with your body’s natural scent.

It might seem like a good idea to douche in order to get a nice tropical vibe going in your southern hemisphere, but that’s not the case. Don’t do that.

Keep it gentle, keep it minimally fragrant. Try taking a bath, if you’ve got time. Cotton underwear are better than less breathable fabrics, since your crotch is sort of like an armpit between your legs.

As sexy as lace looks, it does nothing to keep the pH balanced in your nether regions.

A balanced vagina is a healthy vagina. Your body produces flora which keeps the vagina clean, as long as your pH isn’t out of whack. Illness, certain foods, and even your menstrual cycle can all contribute to an unbalanced pH, which leads to a smell you may not recognize.

There’s no standard when it comes to vaginal taste. I can tell you, it will never naturally smell or taste like flowers or fruit. Most vagina’s have a bit of a musky scent and taste, can be somewhat salty, and even have a metallic taste when you’re close to beginning your cycle.

All those scents and flavors are perfectly normal and healthy, if you’re healthy. When you should be concerned, is if your scent changes without warning or you’re feeling ill.

Can Food Change How Pussy Tastes?

Yes, for some people.

Some swear that eating pineapple, citrus fruits, and even cucumber makes their juices taste sweeter. There’s no scientific proof this works, but if it works for you, why not?

Naturally sweeter fruits and veggies seem to work best, but be careful. If you over do it, you may find yourself on the receiving end of a yeast infection.

Where there’s a food that helps, there are also those that don’t.

Asparagus is notorious for changing the scent of your urine when consumed (it also changes the scent of female ejaculate) and it appears to have a similar effect on vaginal juices. Garlic is an odor offender as well.

If a certain food or spice causes your sweat to smell different, it’s likely to have the same effect on how your pussy smells and maybe even tastes.

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Keep Your Vagina Clean

It stands to reason, common sense says to wash your body properly in order to maintain a good scent. However, when it comes to the vagina, less is better. 

Don’t use heavily scented soaps or body washes to mask your scent. Unscented soap works best, and only minimally on the outside of your body. Even better, just use water.

You can use a soft cloth or just your fingers. Gently part your labia and carefully wash away sweat and discharge. That’s it.

Never insert anything into the vaginal canal to clean it. The vagina is a self cleaning machine and doesn’t require douche or any other feminine products to make it smell better. 

In fact, you may get the opposite effect. When you add harsh chemicals to your vagina, you’re breaking down the mucous membrane, which in turn, causes bacteria to flourish (the bad kind of bacteria).

Sex Toys + Vaginal Scent

If you’re a user of sex toys, make sure they’re made from non-porous material. Porous materials have tiny, microscopic holes bacteria can live in.

No matter how well you clean them, the bacteria stays with the toy, which can lead to unbalanced pH and infections.

Check the packaging and be positive your toys are not made from this gross material. And always clean your toys before and after each use.

Staying hydrated helps as well. When you’re dehydrated, your urine and sweat smell stronger, so it stands to reason your vagina will, too. Drink lots of water to maintain a healthy scent.

The Bottom Line

Overall, there are a few lifestyle changes that’ll be good for your overall vulvar health and may make your vaginal taste more mild.

There’s a huge variance in healthy vaginal tastes, and there is no correct or ideal healthy vagina taste. So, as long as your vagina is healthy, it tastes A-OK!

The only time you should be concerned about the taste of your vagina is if it’s recently changed, or if you’re experiencing other symptoms.

If your long-term lover politely makes mention of a change, then get it checked out. However, if they’re constantly complaining and you can’t smell anything ‘wrong’, that’s a good sign they aren’t a great match!

If it’s good for your body, it’s likely good for maintaining a healthy vagina. So stay hydrated, eat a balanced diet, and stay active. You’ll have the best smelling pussy you can!