9 Best Flavored Edible Lubes for Delicious Oral Sex


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Last Updated: August 12, 2021

Edible lube can be an exciting way to enhance oral sex. However, it’s important to be cautious with these types of products. Lower quality brands often add sugar to make them taste better, but this can cause a yeast infection for some people. On top of that, some brands tend to be sticky and/or flaky. 

So, we’ve shared a few of the best flavored lubes that are also safe and healthy to put in your body. Let’s dive in! 

What to Watch Out For

First off, it’s best to buy a water-based option because silicone can damage toys and condoms. That said, most flavored lube options on the list are either water-based or use another natural base. They’re all safe to use with toys and condoms.

There are also some ingredients to avoid in a lube if possible. But, if you’re just using an edible lube for blowjobs, these are less important.

If you have a vagina, it’s important to be more cautious as it can be easy to cause an uncomfortable infection down there. 

That said, the ingredients below aren’t terrible and some vaginas can manage fine with them. However, if you’ve had bad reactions in the past or have a sensitive vagina, you might want to steer clear. 

  • Sugar
  • Glycerin (the body metabolizes glycerin as a sugar)
  • Propylene Glycol (this another ingredient in many lubes that irritates sensitive skin)

Best Edible Flavored Lubes 

Aloe Cabadra Edible Lube

This edible lube is made from 95% food grade aloe vera, making it one of the healthiest options out there! This is their “Natural Aloe” flavor, which tastes like aloe. They have a few additional flavors that taste great as well if you want something more exciting (including peppermint, pina colada, and vanilla).

It’s certified organic, stain-free, and PH balanced. It’s also friendly for use with rubber or plastic toys.

Sliquid Flavored Lube

✅ Water-Based

Sliquid is a top brand for flavored lubes. Some flavors are a hit or miss, but this Strawberry Pomegranate flavor is spectacular.

It’s formulated to match your natural vaginal lubrication, so it’s much less likely to cause infections. It contains natural flavorings as well as a tiny bit of aspartame to sweeten.

Crazy Girl Cotton Candy 

✅ Water-Based

This is a top-rated edible lube that actually tastes spectacular! You’ll be extra excited to give oral sex with a realistic cotton candy treat to look forward to.

This lube is condom-friendly as well as toy-friendly, plus it’s easy to clean up and it doesn’t stain.

Coconut Oil

If you’re on a budget and not too worried about intense flavor, try out any food-grade coconut oil. Using coconut oil as lube is a holy grail for many people!

It obviously won’t be as flavorful as an artificially flavored strawberry lube, but it will have a nice coconut hint and plenty of lubrication. It’s also very moisturizing for your skin, so it’s a win-win.

System JO Flavored Lube

✅ Water-Based

Get ready for dessert! This salted caramel flavored lube is effective and tastes delicious.

It’s long-lasting without being sticky, with a convenient flip-top bottle that makes it easy to apply.

This only has a few ingredients, but they do include glycerin and sucralose, so we’d only recommend it if you don’t have sensitive skin.

Lick Pineapple Flavored Lube

✅ Water-Based

This hypoallergenic lube is PH-balanced and free of parabens. The pineapple flavor tastes so good, you and your partner will fight about who’s getting oral sex next!

This does have glycerin, so proceed with caution (as we mentioned above, most vaginas don’t react badly to this ingredient, so it will probably be fine).

Lube Life Watermelon Flavored Lube

✅ Water-Based

Lube Life is another top brand when it comes to flavored lubes that aren’t sticky and actually taste good.

Our favorite is the watermelon – they also offer mint chocolate chip and strawberry (or an unflavored version).

ID Lubricants Mango Passion

✅ Water-Based

ID Lubricants has a few flavors to choose from (some aren’t that great). We love the mango passion! This lube tastes and smells amazing. Plus, it’s vegan.

Our only negative feedback: It should come in a bigger size.

Wicked Sensual Cinnamon Bun Lube 

✅ Water-Based

This slick lube tastes like freshly baked cinnamon rolls. It’s long-lasting and non-sticky. Plus, their main sweetener is stevia, so it’s perfect for those who try to avoid artificial sweeteners.

This brand also has some more exciting flavors to go wild with, although Cinnamon Bun is our favorite.