6 Best Penis Extenders – Get Your Perfect Size


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Last Updated: August 5, 2021

If you’re not happy with your penis size, there’s no reason to sit around and be sad about it. Penis extenders are a great way to enhance your size without any costly and painful surgeries!

We’ll be sharing a few of the best penis extenders you can find, from small extensions to girthy extenders.

Best Penis Extenders

Lovehoney 3-Inch Penis Extender

The Lovehoney 3-inch penis extender gives you three extra inches when you need it more.

Just slide yourself into the extender and your partner will soon experience pleasure and bliss like they haven’t before. Snug, comfortable and perfect for long-lasting action, this device will definitely make you feel extra.

Lovehoney 1-inch Penis Extender

This smooth, soft and comfortable 1-inch penis extender is made from silicone materials that feel just like the real thing.

Smaller than other options, it’s the perfect way to give your love life a small boost that isn’t too dramatic.

Adam’s Extender

The Adam’s Extension will pack on some extra punch.

This erection enhancer is designed to feel comfortable and incredible. Easy to use, it instantly adds 2 inches of length and some hefty girth too. What fun you are about to have!

Healthy Vibes Penis Extender

This incredibly realistic penis extender is about to add three inches of pleasure to your love life.

Slide in and strap in for something amazing and unforgettable. Made with comfortable, high-quality materials, this toy is about to take things up a notch and will really give your partner a night to remember.

Jade & Jane Cock Extender

This realistic penis extender is sure to give your partner the sort of pleasure and joy they always dreamed of.

It comes in at a whopping 9.25 inches and feels just like the real thing. Reusable and multi-function, this toy will make you feel like a whole new man. Your partner will agree.

Be Shane Girth Extender

This realistic girth extender is designed to make you look and feel exactly like porn legend Shane Diesel.

This toy gives you a total of 8 inches that will conform to your shape and size, plus it will add 2.3 inches of girth too.