9 Best Sex Chairs to Enhance Your Sex Life


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Last Updated: August 12, 2021

Forget having sex on your uncomfortable living room chair. These are the best sex chairs specifically designed to fulfill your most exciting sexual escapades! Some of them are even discreet, so you don’t have to worry about hiding your obvious sex chair when the in-laws come over.

That said, let’s dive in!

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Acmeros Fold Multifunctional Sex Chair

The multifunctional sex chair can enhance a number of different sex positions. Check out their description for all the different ways you can use it!

You can also put a vibrator in the middle (as pictured) so you don’t have to hold it. Get ready to cum over and over again!

Dark Magic Inflatable Sex Chair Machine

Not only is this a sex chair, it also doubles as a sex machine. It uses a foot pump for easy inflation, plus it comes with 3 interchangeable thrusting vibrators of different sizes.

They provide life-like thrusting action – all you need to do is sit down and enjoy the sensations.

Liberator Elle Chaise II

This chair is from the top brand for a variety of sexual furniture, so you know it’s well-designed.

It’s sturdy and perfect for Kama Sutra positions (you can see a variety of position ideas on the product page). The curved design looks great with modern decor.

Liberator Esse Lounge Sex Chair

This is a great, more inexpensive alternative to the previous Liberator sex chair. It comes with a cushion and headrest for ultimate comfort.

Although still a little spendy, the quality is well worth it and it will last forever.

Magic Wand Sex Chair

This chair holds your vibrator so you don’t have to.

It fits wand vibrators, dildos, and plenty of other sex toys! Plus, it’s easy to fold up and put away when you’re finished. Although it’s not the best for vaginal sex, it’s perfect for enhancing anal sex!

Liberator Equus Wave

Another high-quality chair from Liberator, the Equus Wave comes in two pieces that look like a simple bench and fit perfectly at the end of your bed. Nobody will guess you have a sexual haven hidden at the end of your bed!

This can open you and your partner up to a ton of exciting new positions!

LoveBotz Bangin Bench Extreme Sex Stool

This stool works for both solo play or for couple play! You can attach your favorite dildo to the red bar. This bar is also removable to add other fun positions,

Although a little hard to assemble, it’s well worth it!

Sex Chair Stool with Handrails

This is similar to the previous stool, except this one includes handrails to help keep your support.

However, it doesn’t have a place to put your sex toys, so you might prefer the previous model.

Liberator Axis Hitachi Cushion

This is more of a cushion rather than a chair, but is a great choice (especially if you’re not trying to spend a few hundred on a sex chair).

You’re able to mount a vibrator inside, making it a great enhancer for sex.