Lelo Ida Review: My Experience With This High-End Couples Toy


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Last Updated: May 11, 2021

The Lelo Ida is the sibling sex toy of the Lelo Tara vibrator in their family of high end, luxury designer vibrators and sex toys. Since this is a pretty high-end toy, I’ll be sharing my Lelo Ida review to help you make your decision!

Tara and Ida are essentially the same toy which a few upgraded extras on the Ida. Ida has the SenseMotion remote control and 8 functions, while Tara comes without a remote control and only has 6 functions.

As with the rest of the popular Lelo sex toys, the Ida is made from medical grade silicone. The gold colored reflective areas on the disc parts of the remote and the toy itself are made from ABS plastic.

lelo ida review

Unboxing the Ida

Lelo has some of the sexiest packaging on the market.

A sleek, black box which you’ll open to reveal the Lelo Ida Vibrator and remote nestled within a specially designed inner area. Lift the flap to one side and retrieve a pack of batteries for the remote, mains charging lead for the Ida, storage pouch, instruction book, warranty details, remote control opening key and a sachet of Lelo personal lubricant.

lelo ida reviews

Powering Up

Before you get started you need to ensure both parts of the Lelo Ida Vibrator have power. The 2 AAA batteries supplied go into the remote control. Use the plastic key provided to ‘unlock’ the reflective side of the remote then insert the batteries. Replace the lid by twisting it back into position with the key.

The Lelo Ida Vibrator is rechargeable and there is a mains lead supplied. The pin end goes into the small port provided for it on the side of the toy, the other plugs into any mains socket. There is a small orange LED which lights up to let you know it’s charging.


The operation is the same as the Tara for the main device, with a power and function button on the side of the toy. However as the Lelo Ida Vibrator is remotely controlled too, you have this option to play with.

The ‘probe’ part of the Lelo Ida Vibrator slips inside the vagina, while the disc part comes up to cradle and sit against the clitoral region of the woman. The man penetrates her vaginally, as in traditional PiV sex. Once the Ida is powered up, either the man or the woman can take control of which vibration speed or rotation speed feels best, by sharing control of the remote. Or, decide which of you is going to take the reins over the session before you get really into it.

The SenseMotion toys are very techy and there’s so much you can do with them, it sometimes feels like you need a while to study them up beforehand! I always forget the range of functions when I’m actually having sex or mid-masturbation though.

Basically there are 8 functions. Tilt to vibrate, shake to vibrate, constant vibration, pulsing vibration, faster pulsing vibration, escalating vibration, wave vibration, various pattern of vibration.

Lelo Ida Review (How it Feels)

The probe rotation is delicious against the G spot inside me, and he enjoys the rotation against his penis during sex too. The vibrations are a bonus. Overall, it all adds up to a very overwhelming and highly intimate experience!

The middle to top vibrations feel great against the clit, particularly if you dab on a spot of water based lubricant first.

And don’t worry about fit. We women aren’t made of rigid material, the vagina will stretch to accommodate the nicely proportioned probe on the sex toy as well as your man’s penis, no matter how much of a beast he thinks he’s got.

The Lelo Ida Vibrator is also fully waterproof so not only is it all simple to keep hygienically clean, you can also indulge in a very sexy bath together.

The Bottom Line

The Lelo Ida Vibrator is a luxurious, beautifully made toy, combining top toy technology, rechargeable, waterproof and remotely controlled features and innovative rotation to bring couples together in a way that only Lelo knows how.

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