Lelo Sona vs. Sona Cruise: Which Suction Toy Is Better?


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Last Updated: March 11, 2022

Suction toys are becoming more and more popular, and for good reason. These unique and powerful toys stimulate your clit in ways you never thought could happen. Unlike regular vibrators, sonic vibrators use airwaves to surround your clit and suck it up. Sounds amazing, right?

Although I’ve tried the Satisfyer Pro, Lelo’s line of sonic vibes are completely mind-blowing and they don’t even cost that much more.

Keep reading for my full comparison of the Lelo Sona vs. Sona Cruise for everything you need to know before deciding.

What is the Lelo Sona?

The Lelo Sona is a sonic vibrator that offers different modes as well as a few different intensity settings. It features a small, sleek design with a small head.

According to Lelo, this sex toy stimulates 75% more of your clitoris. That’s a lot.

Note: We’ve been calling it the Sona – we’re technically talking about the Sona 2 as this is the latest model. However, you can still buy the original Sona to save a few bucks.

Unlike most other vibrators, you don’t even have to move this one – simply place it on your clit and it does the hard work. This results in an incredible orgasm with little to no effort. Who could complain about that?

The images below show how the toy works:

sona vs sona cruise

Sona vs. Sona Cruise

Alright, so what’s the difference?

Having tried literally all four versions of this toy (yes – I have a problem), I have a great grasp of the differences between the Sona series.

There are four different Sona toys available:

The last two are the same models, just updated generations (hence the “2”). I’ll be breaking down the differences. below and my overall experiences with the Sona vs. Sona Cruise.


The second generations of both toys (Lelo Sona 2 and Lelo Sona Cruise 2) had a few minor updates made.

For one, they re-shaped the mouth to be deeper and cover more surface area. They also designed it to be softer and more comfortable.

Lelo also added 4 additional settings to the second generation models (they have 12 settings, whereas the regular Sona toys had 8 settings.

As far as the Sona vs. Sona Cruise goes, there is really just one main difference when it comes to the Sona Cruise – 

When you press your body against the Cruise, it changes the setting automatically to a higher setting.

With other sonic toys I have tried before, they tended to vibrate very softly (or not all) since their main feature is the suction. However, the Sona feels like it has more vibrating functions at the surface.

Even with this vibration, the sonic suction was amazing as well. It slowly built up to orgasm and, when it happened, it was very powerful.

It actually took longer to orgasm than other alternatives I’ve tried, but the orgasm was much more intense due to it being drawn out longer.

That said, it still gets me off pretty quick (I’d say about five minutes).

Unlike the Womanizer and Satisfyer, the Sona series of toys isn’t the best toy for multiple orgasms. The powerful vibrations and intense orgasm leave me in a coma.

These toys are pretty similar in design, but the Sona and Sona Cruise offer a slightly different type of pleasure that may or may not be preferred by you. I honestly love having both Satisfyer and the Sona available, the first for when I want a quickie and the other for intense, drawn-out orgasms that leave your legs shaking.

Overall Differences Between Sona & Sona Cruise

Overall, the two models are very similar apart from a couple of differences.

Price plays a factor, as the Cruise is around $30 USD more than the regular Sona. What do you get for the difference in price?

As mentioned before, this is power. The motor in the Cruise automatically ramps up when you press it harder against your body, while the Sona will only change if you change the setting yourself.

The Sona Cruise is also a lot louder than the Sona. That said, there’s no hiding what you’re doing when playing with either toy (neither of them is remotely quiet), but the Cruise is exceptionally loud.

This table compares all of the Sona models, including the original Sona models (Sona and Sona Cruise) as well as the most recent model (Sona 2 and Sona Cruise 2).

SonaSona CruiseSona 2 Sona Cruise 2
– Costs $69

– Older model

– 8 settings

– Smaller mouth compared to Sona 2

– Pink, Cerise, and Black colors
– Costs $99

– Older model

– 8 settings

– Motor ramps up when pressed against body

– Smaller mouth compared to Sona Cruise 2

– Pink, Cerise, and Black colors
– Costs $99

– Quieter

– Less powerful

– Waterproof

– 12 settings

– Around 2 hours battery life (full charge)

– Softer, deeper, and larger mouth compared to original Sona

– Available in Purple, Cerise, and Black colors
– Costs $139 ($30 more)

– Louder

– Motor ramps up when pressed against body

– Waterproof

– 12 settings

– Around 2 hours battery life (full charge)

– Softer, deeper, and larger mouth compared to original Sona Cruise

– Available in Purple, Cerise, and Black colors

The Bottom Line

Whether you choose the Sona or the Sona Cruise, you’re getting an awesome sonic vibrator to add to your collection. The feeling is much different than traditional suction-based clitoral stimulators, so it’s absolutely worth the investment.

If you’re deciding between the first or second generation, click here to see the full differences between Sona and Sona 2 as described by the brand themselves.