How to Clean a Fleshlight (Including Drying and Overall Care Tips)


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Last Updated: April 17, 2021

When it comes to masturbation for guys, there aren’t nearly as many toys out there as there are for women. Sleeves are one of the few options, and Fleshlight makes some of the best. Unfortunately, cleaning their sleeves aren’t nearly as easy as using them.

For starters, the unique material of Fleshlight toys requires specialized cleaning. You can’t clean it with regular soap, or else the sleeve will start to deteriorate over time.

That said, cleaning it isn’t impossible! As long as you learn what it takes to clean your Fleshlight (and make sure to do it every time you use it), you’re good to go.

We’ll be sharing everything you need to know about how to clean your Fleshlight!

how to clean a fleshlight

Why Should You Clean Your Fleshlight?

When you spend $50+ on a high-quality sleeve, most of us want it to last as long as possible.

Since you typically cum inside them and use water-based lube with them, Fleshlight sleeves can easily become moldy if you’re not aware of how to clean them effectively. And, once it has already started getting moldy, there’s no coming back.

Aside from the possibility of mold, it’s simply pretty gross to not clean your Fleshlight. The cum will congeal, and if you peek inside, you’ll be pretty disturbed.

Some websites state that a moldy Fleshlight can be cleaned, but we would’t recommend this. Using moldy toys can cause a UTI or Yeast infection.

This isn’t work the risk (especially if you have sex with a partner who could catch these infections).

How to Clean a Fleshlight

You’ll want to clean your sleeve after you use it (yes, every time). You can use any sink, bathtub, or you can even use a bowl if you want.

Step 1: If you’re not cleaning your sleeve right after using it, you’ll want to soak it in warm water for a few minutes first.

Step 2: Take the sleeve out of the case. Rinse the case (by itself) using warm water. You can use soap for cleaning the case (not the sleeve) as long as you rinse all of the soap off.

Step 3: Making sure the water is warm, hold the sleeve under the water. Water should run through the hole you put your member in and flow out through the bottom of the sleeve. Use a powerful flow of water to get out any fluids that may have been stuck inside.

Step 4: After rinsing the sleeve for a few minutes, cover the bottom hole with a finger and partially fill it with warm or hot water. Then, put your hand on the top so the water can’t escape. Making sure both ends are covered so no water can escape, shake the sleeve around as hard as you can. This will help remove any dried fluids that may have been extra stuck.

Step 5: Empty the water, give it another rinse, then spray FleshWash (the toy cleaner made by Fleshlight) on the sleeve (both on the interior and exterior). You don’t want to use a generic sex toy spray OR soap. Regular cleaners and soaps can break down the unique Superskin material.

Step 6: Give the sleeve a final rinse and set it aside. Dry the external case with paper towels or a regular towel that’s clean.

Drying Your Fleshlight Sleeve

The worst part isn’t over yet!

Many people don’t know how to dry their Fleshlight correctly, which can still result in mold no matter how well you cleaned it.

When drying your sleeve, the ultimate goal is to make sure no moisture is left inside, or else mold growth can occur.

Mold is likely to grow in damp, warm places, which means a wet Fleshlight is an ideal place.

So, make sure your Fleshlight is entirely dry before returning it to the case and putting it away.

Air Dry

Air drying is a simple option for drying your Fleshlight as long as you live somewhere cool and dry.

Just lay your sleeve onto a clean towel in a dry area for at least one day (24 hours). A fan can help, or you can place it near an air conditioning unit or window that has been opened.

Wire Hanger

Another fairly simple way to dry your Fleshlight is to use a hanger made of wire! Just bend it in a way so that your sleeve can be hung in the air from the hanger (make sure water can drop out the bottom of the sleeve).

You’ll want to hang it in a well-ventilated area or room, but a closet can work if you want to be discreet.

You can also get a Sleeve Warmer for a similar experience (plus it keeps your Fleshlight warm for a more lifelike experience). 

Use a Towel

You can always use a tea towel (aka flour sack towel) to dry your sleeve. First, you can pat the outside dry.

Next, place a towel over a pointed item (like the end of a spoon or a chopstick) and push it throughout the interior of the sleeve, making sure it absorbs as much moisture as possible while inside. Repeat a few of times.

This method isn’t as effective as letting the sleeve air dry, but it’s better than nothing if you’re in a hurry.

Note: It might seem easier to just turn the sleeve inside out to dry the inside with a towel, but we don’t recommend this. This can result in microtears and unwanted stretching of the Superskin. But, if you do want to turn it inside out, you shouldn’t leave it that way for over a few minutes.

Grated Surface Dry

This is another air drying method, but it used a grated surface rather than a towel. Simply stand your sleeve up on a grated area and leave it to dry for at least 24 hours.

This is even better than air drying on a towel because it’s easier for liquid to drip out of the bottom! A dish rack is one common grated surface you can use.

cleaning a fleshlight

Additional Fleshlight Care Tips

  • Regularly apply Fleshlight Renewing Powder to keep your sleeve feeling soft and lifelike (this also helps eliminate stickiness). You can use cornstarch as an alternative, but their powder does a better job.
  • Never use regular soap or non-Fleshlight toy cleaner.
  • Only use water-based lube when playing with your toy (other types can break down the material).
  • If possible, store your sleeve in a cool, non-humid area to maximize the lifespan

Does Your Fleshlight Smell?

You might notice a smell coming from your Fleshlight.

Unfortunately, this is a sign that it has started getting moldy or has become a breeding ground for bacteria.

If you’ve done in-depth cleanings based on the tutorial above and your toy still smells, you’ll want to throw it out and buy another sleeve (and look after your new sleeve more carefully)!

Bad smells that remain after cleaning point to mold and lingering bacteria. You probably don’t want these around your penis.

The Bottom Line

Cleaning your Fleshlight can sound like a lot of work (especially if you’ve never even done it before). Like doing the dishes, it’s easiest to clean it right once you’re finished using it. Overall, keeping a Fleshlight clean ensures it stays in prime condition for as long as possible, which is important considering you’ve paid good money for this toy!