17 Sites Like Literotica for Immersive Erotic Stories


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Last Updated: April 17, 2021

Most avid erotica readers have explored the depths of Literotica, one of the largest websites to read adult stories for free. However, many haven’t traveled to new waters – can you believe we were able to find over twenty great sites like Literotica? Check out these free erotica sites below to get a taste of something new. 

With all of these options, you can find erotic stories for any kink or preference out there! 


bellesa sites like literotica

This platform focuses on female pleasure, with hundreds of stories to indulge in. On top of that, the design and userface is way friendlier than most other sex story websites. Aside from their collection of steamy sex stories, you might be a little more interested in porn once you encounter Bellesa. They focus on female pleasure and ethically made movies. Check out Bellesa if you’re sick of scripted, unrealistic porn. Plus, they have their own line of vibrators to pair with their media. 


Originally specializing in gay fictionial stories, Nifty is another of the top sites like Literotica. They have hundreds of well-written stories in every category to indulge in. Similar to Literotica, the layout is a little hard to navigate, but the sexy stories are well worth it. 


Similar to Literotica, this forum-like website is posted on pretty frequently (as in 5+ times a day). They feature over 40,000 stories, so you’ll never run out. It is pretty ad-heavy, but hey, some of them are pretty sexy and add to the story you’re reading. Anyone can post, so get involved! 

Smile Makers

This high-quality vibrator company has a sexy supply of free erotic stories and poetry written for women, by women. Although most of them are fairly short, they’re still well-written and will kickstart your dirtiest fantasies. 


What can’t you find on Medium? There are some excellent erotica writers and publications to browse through. It’s easy to navigate and you’ll never have to worry about explicit ads popping up out of nowhere. 

A few of our favorite publications: MyErotica | Amusing Lovers | Quickies in New York | Asrai’s Purple Prose | Positively Sexxxy | Sexual Tendencies (not completely erotica)

You can also use the search bar to find what you’re looking for easily.

Cara Sutra

Although the blog has less selection and isn’t updated as frequently as some other databases we mention, it’s worth browsing. Her stories are captivating and will turn you on from the first couple of words. Plus, Cara writes them all herself, which is pretty sexy. 


If you like stories about BDSM, this is the site for you. You can find short stories, novels, and even poetry about being tied up and tortured. Sounds like our type of poetry. 

Mr. Racy

While many erotica websites are geared towards women, Mr. Racy is focused on erotic stories written for men. It’s not updated super frequently, but there are some sexy gems to discover. 


We’ve all heard of the intense and luxurious Lelo vibrators, but did you know they have a sexy collection of erotic stories? Their selection is updated frequently and easier to navigate than Literotica. You can easy get reeled into their well-written series. 


Short for Choose Your Own Adventue, this unique sex story database lets you direct how the story goes by choosing endings or scenarios. They have a surprisingly large collection of over 15,000 stories that are updated daily!


There are quite a few horny subreddits, from girls selling undies to homemade guided masturbation tracks. Plus, plenty of erotica to go around! Since anyone can post in these subreddits, you might have to search through a few to find a piece you like. But, it’s worth it once you do!  






This female-founded brand focuses more on stories you can listen to, but why not try it out? You might like it better than reading written stories. They also feature sexy audio stories! 


Some of us remember reading fanfiction on Wattpad back in the day. Well, this site also has a ton of horny writers submitting sexy erotica stories like Literotica.   

Lush Stories

If you’re not turned off by this ad-ridden site, you can find some great stories here. The description and tags give you a great idea of what each story is about. You can navigate by the most popular stories, editor’s pick, or certain fetishes you want to read about. They have it all!

Sex Stories Post

This site doesn’t get posted on very often anymore, but you might be able to find some stories you love by browsing through previous posts. 


If you’re more of a longer book person rather than short stories, there are plenty of free erotic ebooks to download on BookRix. 

Amazon Kindle

If you already have a kindle with an Unlimited membership, there are quite a few great sex stories you can add to your collection. It costs $9.99 per month, but there is a free 30-day trial if you haven’t already tried it out.