Snifffr Reviews – Is This Panty Platform Worth It?


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Last Updated: May 12, 2022

When it comes to selling undies on the internet, there are a growing number of ways to market yourself (or if you’re a buyer, there are lots of places to shop for them). 

Snifffr is one of the top choices – having sold on this platform before, I’ll be breaking down everything you need to know and if you should sell (or buy) on this platform. 

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What Is Snifffr?

Snifffr is a marketplace that allows users to buy and sell their used panties online anonymously. 

They don’t deal with the actual transactions, however, so Snifffr is more of a place to find potential buyers and sellers. 

Snifffr offers features like chat functionality so buyers can chat with sellers before purchasing. 

Although it’s free to sign up and view listings, they do charge a small monthly fee for extra features (like the chat functionality).

How Much Does Snifffr Cost? 

For sellers, Snifffr charges a monthly membership fee of $5.95 for the first month and $9 every month after that. 

Although this platform isn’t entirely free, it’s one of the most affordable options as far as panty marketplaces go. 

For buyers, opening an account is free to start browsing – you just need to pay for the underwear you choose to purchase, obviously. However, they do charge a set fee if you want to unlock extra features, such as the chat features.

My Snifffr Review

Having used the platform as a seller, I have had a so-so experience with them. 

One thing I can’t stand is the layout – it can be so hard to navigate, especially if you’re trying to use the website on your phone. It’s absolutely terrible compared to Sophia Gray and other more modern sites. 

However, I have had quite a few sales that came from this platform, so I can’t completely discredit it. There are definitely some potential buyers you can reach here, so it’s worth giving a shot.  

My favorite feature is the rating system. Other panty sellers can rate their buyers, which will help you avoid scammers. 

How Does Snifffr Compare?

Compared to other panty marketplaces, Snifffr isn’t my favorite. 

Since it’s difficult to navigate and buyers have to pay for chat features, many panty shoppers prefer to use other platforms such as Reddit or PantyDeal. Because of this, there aren’t too many buyers you can reach here (although there are some people).

There have also been a lot of issues with scam buyers on Snifffr, so definitely proceed with caution if you choose to sell your garments on this platform. 

They do have one nice feature – the rating system. Sellers are able to rate their buyers, which can help future sellers avoid scammers.   

It’s also more affordable than a platform like OnlyFans which takes a commission rather than charges a flat monthly fee. 

Regardless of the downsides, some sellers find it worth having a profile on Snifffr, so you may want to give it a shot. 

Having sold panties for some time now, I’ve realized how important it is to market yourself on every platform possible, so I’m not going to say you shouldn’t use Snifffr. I definitely wouldn’t recommend limiting yourself to one marketplace since there are different buyers on every platform.

The small fee is likely worth it, even if you get as little as one sale a month from this platform. If you don’t get many sales, you can always cancel your membership (plus the first month is discounted). 

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